A downloadable game for Windows

Take control of an out-of-control USPS car! Drive toward incoming traffic and deliver packages.


A and D to strafe left and right

Left click to shoot rockets

Right click to shoot packages

Shoot red houses with packages to regain health, shoot enemies with rockets to kill them


Abi Warwick - Art

Amy Qiao - Programning

Anita Yen - Art

Biesheshank - Programming

Cindy Li - UI

Dexter McChesney - Design, Programming

Edward Wibowo - Programming

Evan Mickelson - Programming, Sound effects

Georgia Liu - Art

Hee Su (Julie) Chung - Programming

Kail Adeleye - Art

Marshall Baker - Sound, Art

Max Guo - Programming

Michelle Ding - Art, Producer

Nikki Strubinski - Art

Rainer Gardener-Olsen - Art

Serena Pulopot - Programming

Wesley Hackett - Art

York Mgbejume - Art

ZsaZsa Sidney - Art


USFPS_win.zip 156 MB

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