A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Help your pet store manager collect her escaped animals!

Find all the animals by rotating the world; be careful, your manager’s memory of the pets may be a little foggy…

Turnin’ Tail was made by GISP 0011: Video Game Development in partnership with Brown RISD Game Developers, a student-run club with students from both Brown University and RISD. 

BRGD Spring 2020 Project



  • Use the WASD to move up, left, down, and right
  • Use Arrow Keys to rotate the world
  • Press F to pick up and drop items
  • Jump using SPACEBAR


  • Heidi Erwin - Producer,  Technical Designer
  • Zackary Entwistle - Music/SFX
  • Morgan Evans - 3D Environment
  • Jeff Katz - 2D Art / Animation
  • Hannah Kim - Concept, 2D and 3D Art
  • Sage Matsushima - 3D Assets / Programming
  • Yoohyun Park - 2D Art
  • Sadie Shipton - Concept and 2D Art
  • Daniel Smith - UI, Animation, Cleanup
  • Dain Woods - Programmer
  • Jeff Huang - Professor, Mentor, Chicken Farmer

Known Bugs:

  • The game will be updated in its final form by the end of Tuesday, 5/5!


windowsBuild01.zip 46 MB
TurninTailMacBuild.zip 47 MB

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