Do you have what it takes to cross the Rift?

In 2023, an extra-dimensional creature hopped through the wrong portal and landed on earth. This caused an apocalypse, wiping out all life in an area we now call The Rift. 1000 years have passed, and humanity has developed technology capable of traversing The Rift. They send you, a Rift Rusher, to seek out this creature and send it home.

In this level based puzzle-platformer, navigate the ruins using the environment and your momentum.


  • Cindy Li - UI
  • Kate Tsai

Art Lead

  • Kate Tsai - Concept, environment
  • Taylor Burgess - Concept, environment, color


  • Matthew Atebara - Concept
  • Jade Cannata - Concept, character design, prop
  • Yuemeng (Demi) Dai - Character animation
  • Moon Ding - Level design, concept, environment, prop
  • Minjun(Jennifer) Li - Concept, environment
  • Sagian Shaw - Concept, animation
  • Brightly Shen - UI
  • Adam Ying - Concept, environment, animated backgrounds
  • Alena Zhang - Concept, prop

Programming Lead

  • Bokai Bi
  • Jakob Wismar


  • Timothy Fong - Level design
  • Eric Han
  • Tanish Makadia
  • Christina Peng - Level design
  • Michael Rehmet - Level design

Music and Sound

  • Do Heon (Brian) Han


Rift Rush Windows 183 MB

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