A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Guide Harmony the witch to the beat through waves of Sir Roundsound's enemies! Your goal is to make it to Roundsound himself and take him down with your power chords.

BRGD Fall 2019 Project

You can listen to the game's song on Soundcloud here!



  • Use the Up and Down arrow keys to move Harmony between the enemies.
    • The closer you are to the beat of the song, the more your Power Meter will fill for dodging.
  • When your Power Meter is full, press the Right arrow key to clear enemies from the screen or attack Sir Roundsound.


  • Tobias Clevinger - Programming Lead, Gameplay
  • Ezra Marks - Programming Lead, Gameplay
  • JD Calvelli - Sound, Level Design [Soundcloud]
  • Frank Liu - Character Art, Effects
  • Nicole Strubinski - Background Art
  • Chris Luke - Character Art
  • Daniel Smith - Project Supervisor, GUI

Known Bugs:

  • Game may begin to lag if application is open for an extended period of time (~20-30 minutes). Close and re-open the game if this happens.

Install instructions

To play the game, download and extract the contents* from the .ZIP file. Launch the executable "BRGD Rhythm Witch" and enjoy!

*Make sure to keep all of the files together in the resulting folder after extracting!


BRGD Rhythm Witch Build (2019.12.08).zip 37 MB
BRGD Rhythm Witch Build (2019.12.08).app.zip 37 MB

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