Private Ear

A 2D point-and-click audio-based game about solving a murder mystery in a 1980s Chinese fishing village.

Made in Fall 2022!


  • Click to inspect evidence; click on the popup image to inspect even closer.
  • Click and drag an evidence marker to its respective piece of evidence

Georgia Liu - Art, Producer
Abi Warwick - Art, Design
Antonia Lacerda - Art
Gina Bae - Art
Taylor Burgess - Art

Brianna Cheng - Design, Art

Harriet Neeley - Sound
Julia Mei - Music

Thuleanx - Programming
Amber Dong - Programming
An Cao- Programming
Lena He - Programming
Joel Kim - Programming

Solution (don't click unless you're absolutely stuck)

1. fish dish
2. sink dish
3. door (creaking)
4. stool
5. bloodstains
6. vase
7. debris
8. window
9. footsteps out of door


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I'm a little disappointed that the swordfish wasn't the culprit, but great game regardless :)


Thank you so much! :D something's fishy there..