A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Night at the Museum is a puzzle-exploration game, where you play as a necromancer that is trying to collect as many bones as possible before the time runs out or get caught by the undead guard. 

Meet the team!!

Nicole Zhu - Producer/Artist (cat) 

Logan Dooley - Programmer  (jellyfish)

Lucas Chan - Programmer, Sound (cavalier king charles spaniel aka dog)

An Cao - Programming (meerkat)

Lena He - Programmer (okapi)

Joyce Li - Programming (bee)

Quetz Medina - Programmer  (raccoon)

Meiyi Song - Programming  (shark)   

Megan Zheng - Programmer (tuna)

Chaewon Bae - Artist (crow)

Jacob Gong - Artist (husky)

Erin Hao - Artist  (fox)

Li Huang - Artist (hamster) 

Avery Li - Artist (slug)

Kaelin Lusby - Artist  (bat)

Sarah Naidich - Artist (red panda)

Harriet Neeley - Artist (squid)

Daisy Wu - Artist (axolotl)

Rachel Zhu - Artist (snow leopard)


NATMWindows.zip 53 MB
NATMMac.app.zip 62 MB

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