A downloadable Minigame Collection for Windows and macOS

Enjoy a dreamy collection of mini-games, created by BRGD during the Fall 2020 semester!

Falling Dream - Dodge floating objects as you fall through an endless dream!

Sheep Toss - Dance to the beat with your sheep to power up and toss him!

Poof the Floof - Poof the sheep impostors in this 2D rapid-fire clicking game!


Falling Dream

Nicole Strubinski: Producer, Art

Annie (Siwu) Ding: Art

Griffin Kupsaw: Programming

Angelo Jeon: Programming

Irmak Cavun: Design, Art

Zackary Entwistle: Sound Design

Alexa Derman: Design, Art

Jacob Migneault: Programming

Sheep Toss

Jake Van de Walle: Producer, Design, Programming

Dexter McChesney: Game Design

Kaija Harrison: Art

Michael Cosgrove : Programming

Ethan Asis: Programming

Jacob Migneault: Programming

Sadie Shipton: Art

Christine Wang: Art

Kevin K. Ho: Art, Design

Kelly Wang: Sheep design

David Hong: Composer

JD Calvelli: Sound Design

Poof the Floof

Toby Clevinger: Producer, Game Design, Lead Programmer

JD Calvelli: Game/Sound Design

Sofie Levin: Art

Georgia Liu: Art

Nahyun Kim: Art

Brenda Rodriguez: Art

Gregory Dahl: Programming

Kevin Hsu: Programming

Marijke Perry: Sound Design

David Jung: BGM Composer

Ilya Bodo: Programming


JD Calvelli: Lead Producer, Sound Design

Hannah Kim: Art

Logan Dooley: Programming

Dani Smith: Overworld UI

Heidi Erwin: Logistics

Lost Sheep

Morgan Evans 🐑


BRGDDreamSuiteWin.zip 86 MB
BRGDDreamSuite.app.zip 87 MB


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