An isometric grandma simulator: sneak around and do chores without being detected!

Controls: arrow keys + space bar


Nicole Zhu - Producer, Artist

Akinyele Adebamgbe - Artist

Alex Love - Artist 

Brightly Shen - Artist

Carin Carrion - Artist

Elisa Dong - Artist

Jessica LaBranche - Artist

Kianna Pan - Artist

Kaelin Lusby - Artist

Lio Chan - Artist

Rokyi Li - Artist 

Shrume Zuo - Artist 

Sitong Liu - Artist

Sol Heo - Artist

Stanley Funnell - Artist

Yinglun Bi - Artist

Selena Yang - Artist, Programmer 

Julia Zhan - Artist, Programmer

Jeremy Fleming - Sound, Programmer 

Lucas Chan - Sound, Programmer 

Zack Entwistle - Sound, Programmer

Elise Carman - Programmer 

Grace Mugo - Programmer 

Jakob Wismar - Programmer 

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